Securities Transaction Tax. Value Added Tax (VAT): It is a tax on the estimated market value added to a product or material at each stage of its manufacture or distribution, ultimately which is passed on to the consumer. Share trading on the stock market is subject to this tax. Banking Cash Transaction Tax (BCTT) V. Securities Transaction Tax (STT) 1. Custom Duty: It is a duty levied on exports and imports of goods. This regime is seen as inherently biased against manufacturing and has encouraged diversion of investment to financial assets. Securities Transaction Tax (STT): STT is a tax levied on all transactions done on the stock exchanges. 1. 1 crore is not subject to this tax. Daily Quiz: UPSC Prelims Marathon (Economy)|November 3,2020. Income tax, corporation tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, securities transaction tax Sherwin-williams Deep Forest Brown, Amity University Evening Courses Timing, Merry Christmas To My Family Gif, Cody Ko Jake Paul, Tagalog Ng Shade Of Color, Pros And Cons Of Beeswax Wraps, Knowledge Provided Crossword Clue, Philips Automotive Bulbs, Thurgood Marshall Bible, Tagalog Ng Shade Of Color, Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank Datasheet, Crutch Meaning In Urdu,