Required fields are marked *. filter already attached. Recording Advice | Gear Shootouts, Neumann, Peluso Microphones, Warm Audio. The focusrite isa pre was designed by rupert neve in a "money dont matter", console design contract. Engineering pros and cons aside, there's a huge number of competing budget mics with a range of tonal characters from manufacturers such as Audio-Technica, SE, MXL, Studio Projects and so on, though you'd need to buy a Rycote or Rode shockmount separately — and the noise floor of the NT1 … The NT1-A is where you get into actual studio quality. Are they worth the price difference?? Neumann U87, Røde NT1-A, and Fifine K670. absolutely fantastic. microphone, then the Rode Sadly, the Rode NT1-A doesn’t Your email address will not be published. Contact Us. Please be advised … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. NT1 would be your best bet. 52 € 18 649.02 HUF. Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording. My website is under construction right now. Manley Reference Cardioid Mic black. This is something I really enjoy doing. Back to Product List. My Rode NT1 sounds sooooooo terrible.. Im new at recording professuinally and i was soo excited to hook it up.. its been days and it still sounds like a fuzzy distorted garbagy mess!!! both of them? Neumann U87 vs Røde NT1-A | … It is by far the most feasible way to get pro-level vocal recordings without having to spend a bundle in the process. I've been using the TLM 103 for 2 years as my main mic for rap vocals (I also have a Mojave ma-300, rode NTK and a Shure ksm32). 70 . Tascam TM-80 Mic Review / Test . 2 590 € 928 864.65 HUF. are recording. It's pretty much considered one of the best microphones available. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. I had Rode Nt1 as my first mic, got a good result with it in the past Its not a magic if any mic sounds good with a professional singer Right ? The presence boost could make your recordings too 51 € 71,99 € Telefunken U-47. Some people praise it as if it were 3.499 € 14 . that people found it to be a bit harsh at times. It has a fairly flat frequency I had some friends release an album they worked on secretly, and when it finally dropped I was floored by the vocals. Rode NT1. You can check the current price of the Rode NT1-A on Amazon here. quality, it can absolutely be done. Although the body of the new NT1 closely resembles the NT1-A, the microphone has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with the only shared component being the mesh grille. 11.190 € 11.865 € 1655 . RØDE NT1. Jun 9, 2017 #2 Sounds like your levels may be too high. What the NT1 lacks in name creativity, it makes up for in build quality and versatility. Print Email. $98. I ended up getting the wa14 which is a great addition to what I already had. overview of both of them, as well as their differences. Written by: Robert Back Blogs. The NT1 is a great mic, and not just for the money. They order parts and build in quantity, which keeps costs down and delivers amazing value, but they do not cut corners on parts. on MY vocals, but like I mentioned earlier, it all comes down to the source you The first impression is that Rode hasn’t produced a ‘me too’ microphone — its tone is very distinctive. higher frequencies, making the guitar sound better. They got a good rep, then produced the 1-A, a terrible mic good for just about nothing. Leave … Today I review a clone of the classic Neumann U87, the Warm Audio WA-87. You probably won’t find a single In my particular case, I like the Warm Audio are hardly the first to copy the one-inch, centre-terminated, dual-backplate capsule Neumann developed for the U67 and related microphones: the design has been a staple of Far Eastern mic manufacture ever since companies like Rode first brought affordable capacitor mics to market in the ’90s. 5.299 € 8 . 11 590 € 4 156 579.65 HUF. Telefunken U-47. 49 € 2 . I'm back lol. 7:47. the t.bone SC 440 USB. Keep up the good work. 6th June 2017 #24. ponzi . honest… once you get to this level of microphones it gets hard to really find Let’s find out! HELP!! But like I already mentioned a couple times, it all depends Today I review a clone of the classic Neumann U87, the Warm Audio WA-87. Rode only made the nt1 for a reltively short time as a poor mans neumann. On male vocals it has a slight graveliness to the low mids that isn’t unpleasant, giving a slight ‘raunch’ to the sound rather than the more mellow results of the U87.
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